Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lessons learned, before and after Ganesha at Samboan

Last weekend I had a memorable gatecrash with the Alliance's Ganesha team outing. I had so much fun. Thanks much for the fun and funds :D

It was funny how we reached the resort we spent the night. I guess no one had regrets we stayed at Villa Isabella. We left Cebu at 7:00 AM and finally settled at Villa Isabella, almost 7 hours after. We went to Batong Malunhaw at Alegria first. The resort was under renovation so we took the risk and rode a Ceres bound to Samboan even if we're not sure the resort page we saw in Facebook really exist. Or if it does, is it still in perfect condition to accommodate the 15 of us. But as usual God is good, after some aberrations we finally enjoy the relaxation and fun most of us wanted.

We had brunch at 2 PM. Sang our heart's out at the mini-bar after. Swam in a low tide water at the other side of the resort. Had dinner. Then a long program of team closure stuffs. Overnight swimming until 4 AM. Woke up by a growling stomach. Had brunch. And back to the real world. :)

It's barely 2 days but I feel so relaxed after that I thought I had a week vacation. I hope there will be more of it in the future. Not necessarily team outing, just outing with the people I have learned to cherish. I don't have regrets I was with the team because I learned a lot. Even if it's one of the major reason I left my previous company I still considered it the best team I had in my 4 years stay. With them I was able to spread my wings, knew my limits and form a new friendship. I don't only have Chooks now, I also have Ganisiya. I hope like Chooks our bond would still be there for the years to come! :)


Family picture just before dinner time!

Dinner! Missing 2!
Can you tell who's missing?

The day after!
Waiting for brunch!

Family picture before leaving Villa Isabella.

At Bato terminal!
And I thought Bato is part of Santander. LOL!

Just before our road trip back to the City.
We went there via Barili.
Left via Oslob.

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